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Is your Commissioning Authority and Firm certified?

Professional certifications and degrees are clear marks of competency in the architecture, engineering and constructions fields. However, when it comes to commissioning, an individual cannot obtain a degree in building commissioning and instead clients must depend on their commissioning agents to bring to the table a mix of job experience and industry recognized certifications. There are several certifications that clients seeking commissioning authorities can look to in order to ensure requisite knowledge and understanding of the building commissioning process.

Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) from the AABC Commissioning Group

CxA certification is required for all government and military-related projects. Additionally, many industry clients, such as the healthcare sector, require certification.

This certification requires an examination not only an examination but the company must also be an independent certified commissioning firm. In addition to the examination, the commissioning authority must provide references and submit documentation on at least three projects. The certification is reviewed and renewed on annual basis to ensure the commissioning authority provides a quality-based service.

“The Certified Commissioning Authority designation allows clients everywhere to rely on professional credibility and dedication to providing the best in comprehensive services,” TBC Project Commissioning Authority Todd Watson,  LEED AP, CxA, QCxP, explains.

Accredited Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP) from The University of Wisconsin Madison

The QCxP provides a level of recognition for those who have acquired an understanding of the commissioning process through education and demonstrated a minimum level of understanding of the commissioning process through training and an examination.

Accredited Commissioning Process Technical Support Provider (CxTS) from The University of Wisconsin Madison

The CxTS highlights the skill and experience of individuals who have provided commissioning services primarily in select project stages, on small or limited scope projects, or who provide key technical support to commissioning activities. Applicants must provide documentation on two major or four smaller new construction or rehab projects or equivalent existing building projects, including letters of reference and pass the examination.

Owners and clients who seek out both commissioning expertise as well as industry recognized certifications from their certified commissioning professionals can rest assured that their high-performance, energy-efficient building will function as intended, every time.

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